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 Welcome To NGrace.
N GRACE is a local manufacturer for Textile chemical products established in Thailand.
Our wide range of products and services extended from Pigment for Screen Printing, Dyeing and Finishing auxiliary branding “ZEBRA”.

We have a dedicated and experienced team working constantly to improvise and maintain the standard of quality for all of our products so as to be able to reach out to the needs of our clients. We also work towards a good and convenient service standard whereby it may benefit you further. We at N GRACE aim to be your reliable partner!

As we know that Thailand is placed as one of the strategic country for garment textiles, we are always constantly developing our textile chemicals to fit for each different industry.
N GRACE has a group of expertise with more than 30 years of experience pulled in to do various lab test and sampling with sophisticated chemical mixture regularly to ensure that our products are up to standard and cost effective.
Our team is also constantly ready to provide advisory to our clients whenever they face a problem with the usage of textile chemicals ie; pigment for screen printing or dyeing & finishing auxiliary.
N GRACE Motto:
Not just a job done…
But well done!
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